Disney Star Wars Elite Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor 6.5″ Die-Cast Figure

Elite Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor Die-Cast Figure Review

The Elite Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor die-cast figure signaled a continuation of Disney’s premium line of die-cast Star Wars collectibles. The Elite Series was launched in August of 2015 and was unofficially considered to be Disney’s answer to Hasbro’s Black Series. However, just fifteen figures later the Elite Series line went into radio silence, with fans left uncertain whether the series will continue. A re-issue was finally announced the following April that included a revised Boba Fett with a cape, but the white Boba Fett prototype marks the first all new figure since what appeared to be an early retirement.


Maybe “all new” isn’t completely accurate, as the Boba Fett prototype is a repaint of the bounty hunter’s caped variant. As a result, this means the prototype figure comes with a different belt, a non-prototype rifle, Wookiee braids, and the famous dent is retained in the helmet. As with all figures in this premium line, a nice Star Wars-branded display base is included.


Elite Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor Die-Cast Figure Specifications

Brand: Disney

Manufacturer Number: 96080

Release Date: 2016

Dimensions: 6.5 inches