Star Wars 30th Anniversary McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett Action Figure with Coin #15

Star Wars 30th Anniversary McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett Action Figure Review

A prototype of a prototype. That’s the best way to describe this profoundly unique McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett action figure, released in 2007 as part of Hasbro’s 30th Anniversary of Star Wars celebration. Unlike the majority of white Boba Fett collectibles, this one depicts Ralph McQuarrie‘s earliest renditions of Boba Fett which predates even the now-famous 1978 screen test. As a fitting tribute to the legendary concept artist, an image of McQuarrie himself is featured on the back of the packaging.

At first glance, the differences may not be obvious. A white version of Boba Fett’s familiar helmet with a swiveling rangefinder antenna sits atop a white armored body. However, the knowledgeable Star Wars fan or eagle-eyed observer will notice it’s not exactly a repainted version of the bounty hunter’s helmet. In fact, the entire figure is nothing like the Boba Fett we know. Once removed from the packaging the differences become more glaring. Fett’s trademark jetpack is conspicuously absent, and in its stead is a removable boxy-looking but highly detailed backpack with mini rocket launcher. A foreign-looking alternate helmet is also included, featuring a non-swiveling antenna on the left side. Other notable details include what appears to be a prototype Mandalorian symbol on the back of his right shoulder and gold-colored wrist accents. Perhaps by far the most jarring feature is the fact that this Boba Fett’s midriff opens up to reveal a hidden blaster. If this starts to remind you of cyborg ninjas out of Mortal Kombat, you are on the right track: both Cyrax and Sektor were in part inspired by the legendary Star Wars bounty hunter.


The level of detail in McQuarrie’s Boba Fett is considerably higher than the average garden variety 3.75″ action figure. Both helmets are ball-jointed, the wrists swivel, and knees can rotate as well as bend, although there is curiously no articulation whatsoever in the ankles. Boba Fett’s gun fits snugly in both hands as well as in his holster. Last but definitely not least, there is the beautifully sculpted flame piece that fits neatly into a hole in his left wrist gauntlet. While not a direct accessory to the figure, a silver or gold collectible coin is also included. For the discerning collector, there is also an “Ultimate Galactic Hunt” variant that features gold foil printing on the packaging.

Star Wars 30th Anniversary McQuarrie Concept Boba Fett Action Figure Specifications

Brand: Hasbro

Manufacturer Number: 87240

Released: 2007

Dimensions: 3.75 inches

Articulation Points: 12