Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor 6″ Figure Walgreens Exclusive

Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor 6″ Figure Review

Since their January 29th, 2013 announcement, Hasbro’s The Black Series Star Wars line has quickly established itself as the premium standard for Star Wars action figures in the US. Aimed directly at adult collectors, the highly detailed and ultra-articulated figures were a hit despite its relatively high price point at about $19.99.

It should come to no surprise that the 2014 release of a Walgreens exclusive Black Series Boba Fett in prototype armor 6″ figure was well received. Announced on July 1, 2014 on the official Star Wars website, its second generation Black Series packaging features blue accents with an enlarged window, and the back of the box has the same freeze frame image from the screen test as seen on the Kenner Vintage Collection packaging. A prototype-specific character description is also found on the packaging, highlighting the bounty hunter’s “super trooper” design roots.


As is commonly the case, the Black Series Boba Fett in prototype armor is a straight repaint of the standard Boba Fett figure. Resulting discrepancies include battle damage on the armor and helmet, the presence of Wookiee braids, absence of grappling hooks on the removable jetpack, a different holster, a mismatching hand gun, and Boba Fett’s standard blaster rifle as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. It may be worth noting that both guns are simply black unpainted versions of the standard figure’s. As is probably expected, the cape is also not a Star Wars beach towel but instead features a single grey stripe. Of course, sharing the same mold as the standard Boba Fett also means beautiful detailing as well as excellent articulation. The subtle two-tone paint job is also a nice touch.

Star Wars The Black Series Boba Fett Prototype Armor 6″ Figure Specifications

Before he put on the familiar Mandalorian armor from the Star Wars saga, this notorious bounty hunter was initially envisioned as a “super trooper” in all-white armor. This special figure captures the beginning of a character that has become a legend who is both respected and feared across the galaxy… Boba Fett.

Brand: Hasbro

Manufacturer Number: N/A

Released: 2014

Dimensions: 6 inches

Articulation Points: 22