Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Character Car

Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Character Car Review

On June 28 of 2016, Mattel unveiled the Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Character Car for Star Wars Celebration Europe in London on July 15th to 17th at the ExCel Exhibition Centre. A repainted version of the most recent Hot Wheels Boba Fett diecast car, the prototype version is inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s prototype. Other than the expected white paint job the previously chrome engine is now matte black, black wheels were traded in for a white set, and a single red triangle is featured just above the windshield as modeled after the bounty hunter’s prototype helmet designed by Ralph McQuarrie. The packaging’s card backing boasts an illustration of McQuarrie’s Boba Fett firing his rifle, which curiously appears to be the rifle seen in Return of the Jedi along with Star Wars Celebration branding.

The original Boba Fett diecast car mold was designed by Bryan Benedict, senior designer at Hot Wheels. Below he talks about his thoughts and inspiration about the bounty hunter car:

    “I am a huge fan of Star Wars, so to get the opportunity to recreate classic characters as part of my job is a huge honour. I am excited to be amongst the fans and to unveil our exclusive Boba Fett car that I designed as a rat rod, because to me Boba Fett is basically a walking rat rod – with his banged up helmet and cool attitude. But this is a rat rod with super-advanced technology, and, in the case of our Celebration exclusive, he’s been given a pristine white paint scheme to match the prototype armour.”

During Star Wars Celebration Europe in 2016, Bryan Benedict was interviewed during a live episode of the Star Wars Show. Bryan talks about the prospects of creating Hot Wheels character cars of IG-88 and Jar Jar Binks, as well as how it takes about ten months to a year from a first sketch to a final product on the shelf. We also learn from the interview that second only to Darth Vader, Boba Fett is his favorite Star Wars character.

Hot Wheels Boba Fett Prototype Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Character Car Specifications

Star Wars fans know Boba Fett as the infamous galactic bount hunter shielded by his iconic Mandalorian armor. But back in 1978, a test video unveiled to Lucasfilm Insiders the character with a very different look – Fett was revealed to be a “super trooper” wearing a sleek, all-white suit. Although this initial concept evolved into the colorful costume he wears in The Empire Strikes Back, series enthusiasts continue to hold Boba Fett’s prototype armor in high regard.

To commemmorate the early concept art designed by Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston, Hot Wheels created an all-white rat rod with themerciless determination and advanced technology of Boba Fett. Complete with two turbo engines, a rear jet pack and several of the bounty hunter’s weapons extending from the hood, this heavily-armored machine never veers off track while pursuing its next target.


Brand: Mattel

Release Date: 2016

Special thanks to Boba Fett Fan Club, Yakface, and Jedi News for bringing this piece to our attention.