Bleached Boba Fett by Michael Baba

“Bleached Boba Fett” by Michael Baba

We began following Michael Baba on Instagram not long after he began a great little series of illustrations he appropriately named “Fett a Day”. As the name suggests, each day he would post a sketch of Boba Fett in a variety of whimsical situations like feeding Ewok jerky to his “My First Sarlacc” kit, painstakingly eating a hot dog, and even getting a piggyback ride from Deadpool. One day, Boba Fett decided to do his laundry and we just had to let the world know.

While the depicted sketch might not be canon (we could be wrong), it’s still great to see Boba Fett struggle with laundry just like the rest of us. In an internet full of menacing, guns blazing, sarlacc-escaping art work a momentary lapse in judgement involving a bottle of bleach can be a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Artist Notes

“The Fett a Day challenge was really just a way for me to start drawing more and experiment with things that I wouldn’t normally do. I’ve always wanted to make a comic and to try pointillism, and I’ve always wanted to draw characters in more dynamic poses but I never seemed to get around to these things. Fett was something that I could be excited to draw every day and it made trying those different things accessible.

As for the bleached Fett, I remember drooling over Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art as a kid (and let’s be real, I still drool over it) and I was thinking that it would be funny to do a comic where Boba Fett falls in the Sarlaac pit and when he gets spit out his armor is all white, and then I started thinking about bleach and laundry… It’s really a lame story but that’s how it formed in my mind!”

Michael is a freelance Digital Artist and Designer working in-between the salty ocean and the lumbering redwoods of Santa Cruz, California. His experience includes illustration, 3-D modeling, web and logo design, as well as UI and UX design. Michael finds his inspiration in the people and world around him, as well as old westerns and sci-fi stories and flicks. When he’s not making art he can usually be found tinkering on his motorbikes or sprinter van, or out in nature climbing something. Michael is always looking for the next project, crag, or big adventure. If you need an artist or designer and think he would be a good fit, please feel free to reach out to him at