LEGO White Boba Fett and Slave I

LEGO White Boba Fett and Slave I by @dreepycark

Bad news first: Informationally speaking we know very little about @dreepycark other than he is an AFOL from Japan. Due to a language barrier we were not able to conduct an interview, and as a result this feature will be both short and exclusively written by us.


What does not require any translation is @dreepycark‘s astounding talent as both a photographer and LEGO builder. His Instagram feed begins with pristine nature macro shots and eventually evolves into a brilliant mix of studio quality photos of his LEGO MOCs as well as full fledged toy photography rivaled by few. While his work is predominantly black and white, he clearly also has a strong command of hues in the few color photos he has posted.



@dreepycark’s photography certainly does not require any assistance from us to highlight as his unique blend of charm, humor, and artistry more than speaks for itself but we still can’t help but point out some of our favorites: moonwalking troopers, riding a bowl, popping bubble wrap, Chewbacca’s revenge, and a rather dapper-looking Admiral Ackbar. On the LEGO MOC side, we enjoyed his incredible IG-88, this nice midi-scale Super Star Destroyer, and the hilariously gigantic Gonk droid. We’re also big fans of his custom Microfighters, including but not limited to the First Order Transporter, Tantive IV, Slave I, Kylo Ren’s Shuttle, AT-TE, and even the Death Star with a funny twist.


While non-Japanese speaking fans of his work such as ourselves may not be able to communicate verbally with @dreepycark, our shared passion for Star Wars and LEGO will continue to keep us deeply engaged in his work. A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes those words are all that’s required. Thank you @dreepycark!