LEGO Star Wars White Boba Fett Minifigure The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary

LEGO Star Wars White Boba Fett Minifigure Review

The LEGO Star Wars white Boba Fett minifigure was one of four promotional variants introduced in 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

A total of 10,000 white Boba Fett minifigures was released. The first widely known release was 150 that were given out during the Canadian Toy Fair in 2010. About 320 more were also given away as prizes at LEGOLAND California’s LEGO Star Wars Days event held on August 7 and 8 of the same year. The set was also available in Sweden for customers who bought Slave I (8097) as well as in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Perhaps the single most well known white Boba Fett Lego minifigure was framed along with a 14-carat gold and sterling silver versions as a prize at the 2010 Comic-Con.


The minifigure came in typical LEGO polybag packaging, with no instructions and includes just five pieces: a plain black head, helmet/jetpack piece, torso, legs, and a standard LEGO Stormtrooper rifle. This relatively limited collectible is an all-white version of LEGO’s first Boba Fett minifigure, with the exception of a simple black outline of the bounty hunter’s armor printed on the front of the torso piece.


LEGO Star Wars White Boba Fett Minifigure Specifications

Brand: LEGO

Manufacturer Number: 2853835

Released: 2010

Dimensions: 1.5 inches