Star Wars Fighter Pods White Boba Fett Series 2 Figure #27

Fighter Pods White Boba Fett Figure Review

In 2012, Hasbro introduced their line of Fighter Pods and Star Wars was one of the introductory themes. While the first series included two variants of both Boba Fett and Jango Fett, the younger bounty hunter’s prototype version wouldn’t make an appearance until series 2. Easily small enough to warrant a choking hazard warning, this is the most diminutive white Boba Fett collectible at the moment.

The Fighter Pods white Boba Fett figure is designated as #27 in the series and can be found in two sets: A standard four-pack (38488) and the larger Imperial Shuttle Pack (38585). A close look will reveal that the prototype version is a repaint of the series 1 Boba Fett as indicated by the rifle and helmet dent. The familiar red and blue triangles do appear above the visor, which shows the level of attention and detail on such a tiny figure.



Fighter Pods White Boba Fett Figure Specifications

Brand: Hasbro

Release Date: 2012

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