Boba Fett Concept to Realization

Boba Fett Concept to Realization Review

Exclusive to Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL was the limited edition Boba Fett Concept to Realization print. The artwork was done by artist Jeff Confer with a limited print run of only 250.

According to the artist’s DeviantArt page, the inspiration for this Boba Fett piece was Four Seasons by Czech painter and decorative artist Alphonse Maria Mucha. An evolution of Boba Fett is depicted in chronological order starting with a white Ralph McQuarrie prototype, followed by the light blue-armored version as seen in the Star Wars Holiday Special, and rounded out by the bounty hunter’s theatrical appearances as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. As the artist also mentioned it just so happens that each armor’s color scheme happened to correlate well with the seasons:

Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett: The gleaming white armor over a clean white and light blue background perfectly captures a wintry mood. The smoke emerging from the freshly used flamethrower is a nice touch.

Holiday Special Boba Fett: The light blue armored animated bounty hunter (voiced by Don Francks) sits in the saddle of the giant lake monster he rode in the character’s TV debut. The blue-green atmosphere of the planet Panna lends itself well to a springtime feel.

Cloud City Boba Fett: The backdrop features the familiar elements of Slave I, on an exceptionally cloudy day even by Cloud City’s standards.

Tatooine Boba Fett: The final panel features Jabba’s sail barge, with the autumn brown sails perfectly rounding out the seasons.

Boba Fett Concept to Realization Specifications

Artist: Jeff Confer

Release Date: 2012

Special thanks to Boba Fett Fan Club for bringing this piece to our attention.