Ultimate Fight

“Ultimate Fight” by Barton

The sight of Boba Fett locked in an aerial showdown against his white prototype counterpart is a striking image, and as the other photos on Barton’s Instagram account will show it is far from a fluke. Just a quick glance at his most recent toy photos is sure to keep the viewer scrolling down the page for more, just like it has for us.

One of the themes we found most novel about Barton’s photographs is characters in completely uncharacteristic poses. Our personal favorites involve C-3PO engaging in a wide range of strenuous activities such as doing skateboard tricks, jumping over a ledge in the heat of battle, and pulling a wheelie on a mini trails bike. There’s also a gem involving IG-88 in a John Woo-style shootout, which ironically is in stark contrast to the usual stiff poses we’re used to seeing the droid in despite being a bounty hunter. Fantastic.

Barton was also kind enough to share a list of both camera equipment as well as the toys used in the composition:

– Canon 600D
– 50mm Lens
– Revoltech Boba Fett
– Black Series Boba Fett (Prototype Armor)

Artist Notes

“I created this photo due to the popularity of Boba Fett’s prototype despite never appearing in a film, and I wanted to portray him in a fight against the real Boba Fett to show he is just as strong and capable. I used as much practical effects as I can, including a vaporizer for the smoke effect.”

Barton lives in Indonesia and works as a designer and illustrator, and has been photographing toys since 2015. To see more of his great toy photography, visit his Instagram page @barton_ltm, and feel free to send Barton an email if you would like to purchase prints of his photos. Also be sure to check out his online T-shirt store to see his design work.